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Glycerol Monolaurate(GML)

Glycerol monolaurate is a kind of lipophilicity nonionic surfactant, naturally in breast milk and palmetto, is an internationally recognized good food emulsifier, but it is also a safe, effective and broad-spectrum antibacterial agent.
Product Name:Glycerol Monolaurate(GML) 
Structural formula:
The biggest advantage of GML is the"not preservatives,but more than preservatives".Its bacteriostatic effect will not change with the change of PH value suppose PH value is wihtin the scope of 4-8.Its antibacterial spectrum was wide,it has strong interaction in the common bacteria,fungi,yeast in food,and also can inhibit variety of viruses and protozoa.
Application range:
Meat、flavoring、Bean products、flour products、Baked product、filling、Spicy food etc.
Dissolve dispersed evenly  in the hot water of 70 ~ 80℃ in advance or edible alcohol,then add in food ingredients, stir well.
Recommended dosage: 0.1~1.0g/kg.
Storage conditions: closed,dry,cool,places.
Shelf life: 18 Months.

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