·Food Emulsifiers
Distilled Monoglyceride(DMG)
Glyceryl Monostearate(GMS)
Glyceryl Monolaurate(GML)
Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids(PGFE)
Sorbitan Monostearate(Span 60)
Propylene Glycol Monostearate(PGMS)
·Food Defoamer
Food Defoamer For Soy Bean Products
Poly dimethyl siloxane Emulsion(Emulsified silicone oil)
·Plastic Additive
Glycerol Monostearate (GMS)
Glycerol Tristearte (GTS)
·Feed Additives
α-Glycerol Monolaurate (GML)
Distilled Monoglyceride
   Sorbitan Monostearate(Span 60)
Sorbitan Monostearate(Span 60, E491)

Sorbitan monostearate soluble in isopropyl alcohol, tetrachloroethylene Turbidity shaped in xylene, good for water-in-oil type emulsifier, have very strong emulsifying dispersion and wetting effect.
For dry yeast、margarine、shortening、candy、chocolate、coffee mate and other food processing(as shown in the table)

Application range Function Suggested dosage
Dry yeast Acts as the carrier of active yeast.Promotes dry yeast shape and maintains the bio-activity after hydration. 10%-15% of water,1% of dry yeast
Margarine Maintains fine and stable water-oil dispersion.Improves plasticity.Prevents splashing during frying. 1-1.5%
Shortening Adjusts oil crystal.Improves stability and whipping strength 1-1.5%
Whipping cream Shortens whipping time.Improves foam volume and structure.Creates a nice and stiff foams. 0.2-0.5%,usually with DMG and PGE
Coffee-mate Gives a more uniform fat globule size distribution resulting in improved whitening effect and dissloves in whater well. 0.5-1% of oil and fat,usually with DMG
Cake emulsifier Enlarges cake volume.Improves cake texture and paste stability.Prolongs shelf life. 3-5%,usually with DMG, PGE and PGMS
Cake Enlarges cake volume.Improves cake texture.Prolongs shelf life. 0.5% of flour,usually using cake gel directly
Bread Enlarges volume and improves texture. 0.3% of flour,usually using mixed emulsified oils and fats
Ice cream Promotes emulsifying if dairy fat.Prevents thick ice crystal.Improves mouth feel and shape retention.Increases bulging rate 0.1-0.3%,usually with DMG
Confections and chocolate Improves oils and fat dispersion.Decreases cyrup viscosity and adjusts crystallization of confections. 0.3-1%,usually with Tween 60
Protein beverage Prevents delamination and sedimentation.Provides smooth mouth feel. 0.3-0.6%,usually with DMG
Solid drinks Improves water-solubility and strengthens whitening. 0.2-0.3%
Dairy Promotes fats dispersion and prevents delamination 0.1-0.3%
Packing:25kg/Bag(Composite paper-plastic bag )
Shelf life:12 Month
Storage condition:Store in cool and dry places
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